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The goal for Insight Control is to provide our customers with complete solutions when it comes to building automation and control products

Insight Control Products

Whether it’s an off the shelf Blackbox control or a full scale NEX data monitoring system with 3D touchscreen interface, the Insight Control Team will be happy to offer advice for your next project.


  • Blackbox HVAC Controls 

The Blackbox HVAC Controls come in three different models that can be used according to the nature and complexity of the project you are working on. These three models are : Blackbox Lite, Blackbox Chrono 5 and Chrono 8.

Blackbox Lite is the basic model of the HVAC controls series, it does not have a built in touch pad but an LCD touch pad can be bought which comes in two configurations : 122(1 fan speed, 2 cool and 2 heat) and 311(3 fan speed 1 cool and heat) respectively.

Blackbox Chrono 5 and Chrono 8 are the next up models of the series and both have built in touch pads. However the customer can choose to buy the LCD touch pad if the controller will be fitted in a confined space.Both the products come with different configration and dip switches which can be used in accordance with customer or job specifications. For more information on these products such as technical manuals please refer to our product documentation.



Insight Control is proud to present a wide range of Vector Universal Control Products which are fully programmable according to your needs and specifications. With optional ModBus and BAC net communication capabilities these controllers can be used in various applications from monitoring to building automation.

The TCX2 Universal Controller comes with a built in operation terminal or you could choose to install a remote operation terminal, it also features up to 8 Universal inputs and 2 Virtual inputs which can be set to control different function depending on your requirement such as, Alarms, Control loop, Enable/disable controller,Switch modes based on input values and many more.

Please go to product documentation for more information on a range of different insight vector products.



  • NEX Data Management Systems

NEX Data Management Systems provide a powerful, web-based, data management system for building meters, sensors, and devices. Live data visualization, reports, and alerts can be accessed anywhere with any web-enabled device. The web-interface displays building data in a series of live graphical dashboards, unlocking the full potential of data monitoring. A NEX cloud subscription allows you to easily create customized reports and receive alerts by email.


  • Belimo Control Valves & Actuators

Belimo is a well known brand in the HVAC industry and here at insight control we only supply you with the best in the industry. Belimo has top of range Control Valves and damper actuators which come with a 5 year warranty and they have a proven track record of supplying their customers with products which will suit their budget. Damper actuators come in various configurations depending on the nature of the job. Analog and Digital I/O actuators which can be used to drive open/drive close the damper or can be a 0-10 volts modulating supply which determines the amount of airflow that passes through the damper on a scale of 0-100%. Please refer to our product documentation page for more information.


  • Energy Meters

Don’t know how much it cost you to run a bunch of lights or your air conditioning system ? Why not try our range of energy monitoring meters which can be attached to an individual circuit in a house, office or a building to give you an accurate reading on how much electricity all the equipment is using. The data from the energy meter can be sent to a NEX data monitoring system or a third party BMS system for further analyses.



The Advantech BAS-3520 controller is a powerful integrated field controller which has been designed to suite building automation applications, it comes with BAS-3595 LCM which is a built in touch pad for input/output monitoring. The controller communicates with the onsite computer through ethernet to ensure that the field status and data from equipment is transferred at high speeds without any delays. Advantech BAS-3520 controller helps monitor and control field devices installed in a building. It uses BASPro which is a powerful graphical configuration and programming software pre installed into the controller, this software is provided free of charge without any yearly licencing fees to give customer value for their money.



  • Control Sensors Meters and Ancillaries

 Insight Control stocks a range of Control sensor meters and anciallaries to provide the complete control package to suit most building requirements. Anything from indoor air conditioning sensors, car park CO2 sensors, temperature humidity sensors and controllers required to match your complete building automation and control solutions.